Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

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It's Premium Coconut Oil 

If you’re looking for the best in flavor, texture, aroma, and overall quality, this premium virgin coconut oil is what you’re looking for. We’ve used it in our home for years and are excited for you to try it in yours. 

It's Organic Coconut Oil 

You and your skin will be soothed to know our organic coconut oil is produced with minimal processing, making amazing coconuts into equally amazing coconut oil. The simple process yields the greatest retention of naturally occurring vitamin E, healthy saturated fatty acids, and of course, fresh organic coconut flavor. 

- Climate Positive. What is that? Click here.

- Comes with Bamboo Side-Stick

- USDA Certified Organic & FDA Certified

- Cold-Pressed for premium quality

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Everything you need to know
before buying Organic Coconut Oil

We’ve been using coconut oil for years, but now that it’s getting attention from health communities everywhere, it's spurred us to dig deep and understand the properties of organic coconut oil and virgin coconut oil.

As you probably already know, coconut oil is known for its great benefits when it's used for cooking or applied to your body. For instance, the usage of organic coconut oil is known to help reduce weight loss, replenish scalp nutrients for hair growth and regrowth. Learn more about the uses and benefits of coconut oil here

Since coconut oil has such a wide range of uses, for people researching online five questions typically arise.

1. What makes coconut oil organic?  
2. What makes coconut oil virgin? 
3. What are the normal physical properties of coconut oil? 
4. What are the main medicinal properties of coconut oil? 
5. What is the best source to buy coconut oil online?

The properties of organic coconut oil can be split into two categories: the physical properties and the chemical properties.

What Makes Coconut Oil Organic?

Organic Coconut Oil comes from palm trees that have not been genetically modified or grown with pesticides.

Although coconuts have a hard shell and are not a high-risk food when it comes to pesticides, it is always best to go organic, due to the type of fertilizer used during the farming process or other post-harvest applications. Be sure to look for the USDA-Certified Organic label, which will confirm that no pesticides were used when growing the coconuts used for the oil.

Crimson Goods Coconut Oil

Physical Properties of Coconut Oil

• The best organic coconut oil is clear with a tint of golden yellow. 
• In its crude, liquid form it is white at lower temperatures, in its solid form. When refined, it can be made to conform to any color of the manufacturer’s choice.
• It has the characteristic smell of coconut, when in its crude state. 
• It melts at about 250C, below which it is solid.
• It is insoluble in water, neither is it miscible with the solvent. However, in a saturated solution, i.e., when heated, it can form a white blend with a little quantity of water.


Clear with a tint of golden when liquid, and perfectly white when solid.

Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil

• Relieves stress: Coconut oil is known to contain a quantifiable amount of calories. Hence, it supplies energy, relieving fatigue.
• Antioxidant properties: The presence of saturated fats and gives the oil its antioxidant properties. These properties help to reduce aging and hair loss, enabling proper blood circulation to the skin and scalp.
• Antimicrobial function: It helps to ward off infections, acting as an antimicrobial agent. 
• It’s oil, and nutritional constituents prevent skin shedding and dandruff.
• Coconut oil is also known for its tremendous ability to help reduce body weight when therapeutically used.
• It allows tissues to heal.

Crimson Goods organic coconut
is the perfect oil to achieve
all the amazing medicinal benefits
of coconut oil. 

Chemical Properties of Coconut Oil

• It contains up to 94.5% hydrocarbon saturated fats. Hence, the World Health Organization and other health organizations made a declaration that the consumption of the oil is limited. 
• It has antioxidizing properties. Therefore, it withstands rancidity. This property can be increased in the refining process. 
• It contains vitamin E, which enhances healthy hair growth and skin welfare.
• The presence of a relative amount of moisture. The type of oil extraction process determines the moisture content in the oil. 
• It contains other components including protein and some other trace compounds that can be removed in the process of refining.
• Coconut oil undergoes oxidation with other elements, either in their free or bonded state. The rate of oxidation is dependent on the type of coconut oil and the method of extraction.

A lot of the hype around coconut oil chemical properties is the presence of natural saturated fats. If you're looking to get technical, here's the typical fat components present in coconut oil:

CAPRYLIC (Saturated Fat)


DECANOIC (Saturated Fat)


LAURIC (Saturated Fat)


MYRISTIC (Saturated Fat)


PALMITIC (Saturated Fat)


OLEOLIC (Monounsaturated Fat)


If you're thinking about buying an organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic unrefined coconut oil, you can be confident that Crimson Goods Organic Coconut Oil is the best source of coconut oil you can buy online.


Find Your Size.

Pint Size - 14 oz.

In its original form, coconut is a miracle fruit; a drink and a meal all in one. As an oil, it’s just as amazing. It’s a natural moisturizer, immune system booster, hair stylist and so much more. But you probably already know that. You’re the coconut oil god or goddess that uses coconut oil for everything, and is always looking for more interesting (sometimes strange) uses for your coconut oil.

This pint size of organic coconut oil is great if you’re looking for enough of it to chug. We recommend you just use it topically though, because it goes a long way.

Pick this size if...

- You use coconut oil for as many things as possible.
- You use the best cold-pressed coconut oil and settle for nothing less.

Household Size - 10 oz.

The best part of your morning routine should be the one with the most benefits. Pop open the cap and let your senses transcend to a tropical palm paradise. Lather your skin or slide through your hair and awaken your inner god or goddess. Rub some organic coconut oil on your elbows and heels to keep them hydrated and smooth for the epic day ahead.

This household size organic coconut oil is the go-to size for your apartment, home or surf shack. Plenty of organic coconut oil to last, but not so much that it’ll take over your whole cupboard.

Pick this size if...

- You use coconut oil for one thing or another.
- You’ve experimented with a few different types of coconut oils and want the best.

Travel Size - 2 oz.

This travel size coconut companion is perfect for many uses. Its travel-friendly; meaning it meets TSA requirements for maximum liquids you can take on the plane. If you travel a lot, you know this is huge; TSA won’t make you dump out your coconut oil along with your kombucha. Also, this size really comes in handy after a long flight. Once you finally arrive at your Balinese beach bungalow, you'll be glad you brought it to keep the bugs from biting your ankles.
Lastly, this size is great for those who are new to Crimson, or the organic coconut oil revolution all together. 

Are you unsure you want to swan dive into our coconutty waters? No problem. With this size, you can just dip your toe in.

Pick this size if...

- You don’t want to be out of hands-reach of your organic coconut oil.
- You like to use coconut oil as natural bug repellant.
- You just want to dip your toes into the sweet coconutty waters.

Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits

See who, where, what, when, and why to use coconut oil. We use it daily.