Wholesale Compostable Paper Straws

Crimson is proud to exclusively offer wholesale pricing and distribution of compostable paper straws in new mexico, california, and florida. Our straws are the highest quality eco-friendly paper straws available on the market today. We offer a wide variety of colors and patterns that are great for large events and restaurants, including striped wholesale paper straws and custom designed bulk paper straws.

Earth needs Paper Straws.

Plastic pollution is a serious problem. If you’re reading this, you probably already know that traditional plastic straws contribute to plastic contamination that can last hundreds of years. Our parks, lakes, and rivers are key to the health of our wildlife biodiversity and the vitality of our sensitive life cycle.

Our home and all of its inhabitants deserves respect.

Compostable Paper straws offer New Mexico, California, Florida, and beyond, a simple solution to this problem. Our straws quickly biodegrade in the environment, and our inks are food grade so local wildlife is not negatively impacted. Although they are a little more per straw, you’ll make up for it ten-fold with goodwill for yourself, your customers, and our backyard.

The Eco-Friendly way to drink.

Restaurants, music venues, event planners, weddings, and universities can lead the way in reducing landfill waste, and cleaning up our home. Our straws come in a variety of sizes and options:

Looking to make a difference in New Mexico, California, or Florida? 

Inquire about our paper straws and receive a wholesale product range and price list:


We would love to chat about how we can help you easily switch over to paper straws.