Climate Positive products
prevent more carbon dioxide
than they create.

Every Crimson product comes with a carbon offset certificate.

This offsets CO2 by taking away industry polluters emission permits.

Most products offset the equivalent of a roundtrip flight from Denver to Los Angeles.

Climate change is real. It’s happening whether you believe it or not.

97% of scientists have proven climate change is real. If you have confidence in that, thank you, we can move on. 
If you're not sure, use today to reassess your priorities and have yourself a beer to help internalize how serious this shit is. 

We can’t solve all the problems, but let's make a conscious choice to start hacking away at a few.

One aspect of climate change we focus on at Crimson is carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and footprint. 
You already know this, but CO2 is mainly emitted by vehicles, home energy use, raising livestock and industrial manufacturing.
Crimson exists to divert emissions from industrial manufacturing, by offering you choices with lighter footprints AND going Climate Positive with carbon offsets.

What is a carbon offset?

Everything we touch, see, feel, and consume has a carbon footprint and an impact on our climate. There are loads of ways for you to dial back your carbon footprint, but current industry wont allow anyone to be truly carbon neutral.

Carbon offsets prevent the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to increase. Planting trees for example, reduces CO2 in our atmosphere because trees absorb CO2 in their natural cycles. You can measure offsets in the volume of CO2 reduced or prevented.

Many companies and individuals seek to reduce parts of their footprint that the don't have control over; like buying goods that were shipped or using energy in your home. Buying carbon offsets can help you become carbon neutral, or carbon/climate positive!

How do you go Climate Positive?

If you can reduce or prevent more CO2 than you produce yourself, you are net positive. We apply this principle to all of our products by considering the carbon cost of producing and shipping our goods, and offsetting more than that amount, with your purchase!

How do Crimson offsets work?

Crimson has partnered with to push corporations to reduce their CO2 output by limiting their access to carbon allowances, motivating them to change their ways.

Crimson Goods are climate positive with your purchase, and proceeds to Chooose to buy-up CO2 emission permits. Chooose swallows these permits so that large industry polluters can't access them.

If you stop driving, recycle everything, stop eating meat, stop flying; basically stop every action that pollutes – you’ll only reduce about a third of your personal CO2 footprint. The big problem is the big polluters.

Chooose is a platform for climate action, and is plugged in to your everyday life. CO2 is totally normal. But there’s nothing normal with the big industries’ emissions of it. You alone can eliminate tons of CO2 that harms our atmosphere and oceans.

Industries need permits to release certain amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. When they reach their emission quotas, they just buy more permits. We can’t have that.

You can help by removing CO2 permits from the market.
Chooose simply buys emission permits, tears them apart, and swallows them – making them unavailable for the big polluters – wherever they are. It’s not stealing, it’s taking back control. Every person counts. You count. The average American is responsible for 17 tons of CO2 per year. That's alot of CO2. 

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