Your favorite surf wax
is harming our oceans.

Get a grip.

Crimson Organic Surf Wax

Surfers have long been characterized as charming amphibious creatures that befriend sea otters and magnetically channel sunshine and stunning hair.

That may be true...but their relationship with the marine world is more complex. Without education and responsible companies giving them options, a surfer's tools for enjoying the oceans are actually what's leading to their destruction.

Surf wax, is a silent and deadly part of this puzzle.

Crimson is bound on getting paraffin waxes and toxic substances out of surfers hands, off their boards, and out of the oceans.

Like facts? Here are 3 good ones.

  • In most traditional waxes - paraffin is used as the main ingredient.
    The problem with paraffins are that they're by-products of petroleum. Paraffin wax is obtained when crude oil is refined into its individual components. This means that in order to make paraffin, you have to process petroleum first, putting clean water sources at risk, polluting our atmosphere, and damaging wildlife ecosystems.
  • 50% of the great barrier reef is gone. 20% of overall reefs have been lost with 35% more loss expected in the next 10-40 years. 
  • Petrochemical additives such as paraffin pollute the ocean. In fact, petrochemicals are in 95 percent of surf wax found on the market today. This petroleum-based wax will eventually fall off a surfboard, affecting our beaches, our delicate ecosystems, and reefs.

Protecting our reefs.

If you like surfing, you life reefs. Reefs create consistent breaks that we enjoy around the world. Reefs are in danger. Due to ocean warming and increasing toxicity, we are losing these vital ecosystems.

Protect our reefs...and yourself. Ease-off the toxic paraffin waxes that has become standard in the surf community.

To help you make the switch to organic, Crimson is scraping boards of your dirty wax and hooking you up with a fresh basecoat AND topcoat of our sticky goodness.

You're stoked. For best results with our sticky organic surf wax, use our basecoat formula so you can get the best beads and bumps around. Bring us a board with your dirty paraffin wax and we'll get you setup with a basecoat AND fresh topcoat to start shredding responsibly.

What do we do with your dirty wax?
We make candles, of course.

Due to the petrochemical base of most surf waxes, we want to ensure it can't be ingested by marine life, leach into our reefs, or even end up in landfill (where it could ultimately leach into drinking water systems). The most responsible way to deal with paraffins are to burn!

Why organic surf wax?

- Climate Positive

- Sticky as fuck

- Wont kill marine life

- Wont kill the reefs

- Smells unbelievably good

- Duh