If a photo is worth A THOUSAND words, we want to hear them.

Disclose Photo Open is a public photography competition in Santa Cruz, California that gives photographers and surfers a stage to present the stories behind their shots. With a little liquid courage (beer), adventure photographers will come out of their lightroom closets to share how they got to these shots and the hardships or joys of the journey. 

Photographers are asked to submit a single shot from 2019 or 2020, that is good on the eyes, the ears, and the heartstrings. Storytelling, inspiring messaging, and sustainability will be weighed equally with traditional photo excellence and overall stoke.

Grand prize: $500

Radius Gallery

1050 River St #127, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Friday - 1/24/19 - 7:00PM


Submission guidelines

  • Photos must have been shot in 2019/2020
  • Sample image must be under 10MB
  • Photos with motor vehicles featured will not be accepted. No motorcycles, cars or tuk tuks.
  • Be prepared to speak for 3 minutes about your shot
  • Provide the methods of travel and distances you traveled to obtain the shot
  • Submission deadline is 1/12/20


"We got up early.

Like, had too many glasses of wine for the sun not be out yet, early. It was warm enough to have the windows open on the drive up, and bumpy enough to regret yesterday's choices. A long dusty road 2 hours east of South Lake Tahoe. It was my first time with this pack, and my bindings had a bone to pick with my ribcage. We had a 3 hour hike ahead and stopped for a light snack in a cow pasture in the foothills. I wasn't looking for them, they were looking at me; 4 little gold capped mushrooms sticking out of a perfect, still damp, cow-patty. I pointed them out to Marlon, and he chuckled, "this is the season." A 2:1 ratio of trail mix to mushrooms and our day took a different path..."

"With cactus spines in my ass, and a stomach full of carne asada..."

"A huge boulder released from the cliffside and landed in the rivermouth, right where I was rinsing my wetsuit..."

"The reflection of the sunrise in the discarded plastic bottles..."

"Not the smoothest ride I've ever taken, and I happen to have a weak stomache..."

"That sunburn though, let me tell you..."

"It was basically golden hour for 3 days straight..."


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ZOLA is an old soul in a young body, is a 23 year old singer and songwriter hailing from San Francisco, CA. With picturesque lyrics and a soulful breathy cadence, ZOLA is a unique genre-bending gem in the often oversaturated world of pop. The young songstress surprises her audience with her wise songwriting and clever combination of soul, jazz, R&B and indie-pop. ZOLA brings a depth to her music that is beyond her years. Having recently released two new singles, she’s is gearing up for her album release in January 2020.


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