Compostable Paper Straws

Compostable Paper Straws

Are you asking, “what’s the deal with paper straws? I see them everywhere…” Well, we can assure you they are more than just a decoration. They are an actual step to creating a cleaner environment though smart consumption. As you know, plastic straws end up in our streams and oceans, contaminating the environment, and in-turn harming the ecosystem. We’ve know this for years but still need straws for wide mouth glasses like mason jars… That’s where paper straws step in. You can use them just like you would a plastic straw but when you toss them in the garbage they will begin to biodegrade back into the earth. Their non-toxic paper material will soon become soil and not harm any plants or animals in the process. That’s what up.

Why are Crimson Paper Straws the Best?

-USA Made


-FDA Certified

-Marine Friendly