Eco-Friendly - Climate Positive Products

Organic Products

When you choose organic products, you’re helping more than yourself. You’re backing producers, artisans and growers who work hard to meet the standards because they believe in good health, quality and sustainability. It takes hard work to produce organic products so your decision to buy organic means a lot to us and our planet. Thank you.


All the materials used are carefully selected to ensure the product has minimal impact on our environment. Our eco-friendly packaging is biodegradable and/or compostable. From our labels to our mailers, we only use eco-friendly materials that easily break down and flow back into the environment. This will make you feel good inside and out when using our products!

Expertly Designed 

Not only are these products eco-friendly, they have been designed to be the easiest and most convenient to use. For example, our coconut oil comes with a convenient dipstick sidekick to make application super easy. Our paper straws are designed with a bendy top to allow for optimal tubular sipping, and our surf wax comes in three temperature types to fit all surfing conditions. 

Climate Positive

These products reduce more carbon than they create. That means that not only are these products not adding to the problem of climate change, they are actively helping fix it. Each product has a different associated offset from ½ ton of carbon to 2 tons of carbon. For example, if you buy a surf wax and a travel sized coconut oil you’ll have also offset enough carbon to eliminate the environmental impact of your next flight across America to find waves.

Crimson Swag

Swag that sends a message for a sustainable future. Be proud of being a better consumer.