Crimson is a choice; a decision to join the line-up in consuming for a good future. We create, enjoy, and are aware. Crimson products are sustainable; designed with responsibility and desire, delivered with climate positivity.

Climate Positive Products
prevent more carbon dioxide
than they create.

Do good. Surf more.

The first part is all about doing good for our planet. We know sharing is good. So, we'd like to continue to share this world with all of its balanced glory, for generations to come. The second part is pretty simple.  

Our Passions.

- Being lost in foreign places. 
- Sex on the beach. 
- Food. Good food. All food.
- Long talks, long walks.
- Surfing. 
- Having our ideas shredded.  
- More surfing.

Our Shakedown.

Develop eco-friendly, organic products. 

Empower consumers to reduce their personal footprint.

Break the pollution cycle and build a better future. 

Not a charity. A new way of consuming.

We are travelers, surfer and friends that know to make a difference you have to put your money where your mouth is and take action. 

Our founder was sitting on his laptop, charged by a small solar panel, amidst the devastated U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma. He knew one thing with absolute certainty: 

Earth is pissed off.

Seeking to reverse the global climate problem was the only way forward. Crimson seeks to make products that respect the planet AND actively help to reduce the problem. That’s Climate Positive
Learn more about it here.

Paddle out with us.

Cold palms warmed by a morning roast.
Solo heavy breathing on the summit.
First set rolling beneath the board.
The moments that define our time will cease to exist if we don’t take care of “now”.
As wanderers, as explorers, and designers, we’ve decided to offer you better choices.