Surf Hat

Crimson Surf Hat

It's impossible not to notice that bright red prodigy tearing down the line, then catching your nose and getting washed up on the beach.

Call us kooky, but we've designed this cap with your best intentions in mind. This is a statement piece, this keeps you out in the water longer, this - is it.

The best sunscreen is clothing.

Love the smell of sunscreen? Love the oily residue it leaves on your hands and everything you touch? Ever wondered what it does to your skin and body? While there is much debate about the effects of toxic ingredients of sunscreens, specifically ones with chemical filters such as oxybenzone, it is certain that these chemicals are recognized as highly toxic. Many unknowns have us thinking...why use it? The best sunscreen is clothing. Our surf hat is definitely clothing. 

Protecting our reefs.

If you like surfing, you life reefs. Reefs create consistent breaks that we enjoy around the world. Reefs are in danger. Due to ocean warming and increasing toxicity, we are losing these vital ecosystems.

Like we mentioned above, sunscreens include toxins that may or may not affect our health, but they certainly harm our reefs. These sensitive and complex ecosystems drive the health of our oceans, which we can't afford to lose.

- Go climate positive by protecting your skin with our surf hat, and ease off the toxic sunscreens that are left for the reefs to choke on. Learn more about what it means to be Climate Positive here.

Why rock a Crimson Surf Hat?

- Climate Positive

- The best sunscreen

- Shades the eyes

- Insulates your noggin

- Give the locals something to grab when you drop in on them