"Get A Grip" Sticker Set
"Get A Grip" Sticker Set

"Get A Grip" Sticker Set

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Get a Grip.

Climate change is real. We're in deep.

So Crimson created a sticker-set as a light hearted wake-up call for the people.

This sticker set is printed with:

  • Natural Kraft Paper
  • A touch of reality

Each set comes with a Carbon Offset Donation equalling:

500kg / .5 Metric Tons of CO2

Learn about how our Carbon Offsets work here.

"Get a Grip" Sticker Set

Stick it to em'.

These simple sticky reminders might just make a small difference in someones day. Or it will just biodegrade.

Either way, this sticker set comes with a carbon offset donation that offsets 500kg / half of a metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Why are we so concerned with removing/minimizing/blocking CO2 from our atmosphere? Learn here.

If you're looking for a simple gift or want to help reduce your carbon footprint, this sticker set is definitely "Climate Positive," and is gives you the tools to show love for Earth.